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City 2.0: The threatened city, the citizen & the future city


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Do not miss this important International Meeting arranged by ARC•PEACE IBERO AMERICA. The meeting will be held in Majorca from 4 to 6 September, 2015.

The goal of the meeting is to achieve at least the following objectives:

  • Create collective awareness of the critical current times characterized by the relentless migration mobility, uncontrolled urbanization process, increasing perception of insecurity, the visible deterioration of natural, rural and urban areas, and the unpredictable disasters caused by climate change combined with lack of prevention.
  • Harmonize academic, professional, business and civil criteria; generating political actions directed Down – Up and influence the government in power for the common good.
  • To found an Ibero American platform to encourage citizen participation and put an end to the centralization of power and wealth in the hands of a few to the detriment of the majority and the delicate balance of the terrestrial biosphere.