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Joan Mac Donald Maier
Joan Mac Donald Maier

The goal of Arcadia III was to generate a meeting place for professionals and students to reflect on and discuss the current situation and main challenges related to basic living. Through its four (4) modules presentations and discussions, the conference emphasizes contact disciplinary spaces and the importance of their joint consideration: Teaching, Urban Development, Infrastructure and Basic Habitability, for the implementation of cross-cutting actions effective.

This time, the Organizing Committee has decided, unanimously, to recognize the Chilean architect Joan Mac Donald Maier merit produced by decades of dedication and life testimony for social housing, reflected in her intense teaching, outreach and cosmopolitan support as President of SELAVIP (African and Asian Latin American Service of Low Income Housing) and from the Ministry of Housing of the first democratic government of Chile after the Pinochet dictatorship.

Marilú Sánchez' communication is entitled "Architects cooperating in the development of communities in high risk areas" and refers to her work with low income Peruvian families through ARC•PEACE Perú and ESTRATEGIA.

Volunteer architects mapping housing areas with low income settlers
Volunteer architects mapping housing areas with low income settlers

ABSTRACT. The architecture has been linked to sectors of an elite conformed by Peru's high and medium social classes. However, the country's social structure results from a mix between the people of higher income and those suffering from extreme poverty (40% of overall population).

Urban development requires of an inclusive architecture since it results from the interaction of all its social agents.

Due to the authorities' incapacity to stop the endless migration from the mountains to the city's high boundaries, ONG ESTRATEGIA and ARC•PEACE Peru members decided to cooperate. A group of architects and other volunteers work with poor families most vulnerable to topographic and climate factors.

They are people with no possibilities to build their own houses; and they are settled on the hills that surround Peru's capital city of Lima.

Oscar Margenet Nadal has entitled his paper "Educating and working in inclusive cooperation" in which he shows the close links existing between ARCADIA III Conference goals and the 27 years old ARC•PEACE history.

Practical education in a Spanish School based on the Free Education Institute
Practical education in a Spanish School based on the Free Education Institute

ABSTRACT.The author introductory depicts aspects of the international reality which have developed into the dynamic and changing current scenario. He then points at a revalorization of Architecture, University and Cooperation by demystifying incumbencies and contextualizing symbols to decode what in them are real, symbolic and imaginary aspects, and to ease their interaction.

He also highlights the creative task of the architect as teamwork organizer and coordinator in the formation of an active social conscience promoting renewal of contents and methods in university education with architectural students to pursue the professional practice upgrading.

Finally, he encourages the participation in social and professional networks, such as ARC ● PEACE, the NGO founded in 1987 in the context of the Cold War and threats of a nuclear confrontation, which permanently advocates the development of a sustainable natural-built environment and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.