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The Warsaw Declaration

Sunday, 05 April 1981 00:00
Presented at the UIA Congress - the Warsaw Declaration of Architects

Presented at the UIA Congress - the Warsaw Declaration of Architects

Congress of the International Union of Architects, 1981

Presented at the UIA Congress , the Warsaw Declaration of Architects concerns only the most general problems of contemporary planning and architecture all over the world. The strong differentiation between regions, cultures, countries and socio-economical systems makes impossible to propose detailed recommendations that could be good for all the countries. We hope, however, that in the framework of general statements of the Declaration for particular areas and periods in every region or country more detailed system of evaluation, opinions and recommendations can be developed.

The continues confrontation of various and changing conditions and opportunities for planning and architecture on one hand, and developing socio cultural aims on the other, is a necessity of every conscious architect and every society. The formulation of the results of this confrontation must reflect not only the objectives but also accepted hierarchies of values.

In the contemporary world the comparisons of these results may not only open the way for mutual understanding, but can also evoke the constant stimulus for continuing development. Therefore, more detailed work concerning particular areas in various parts of the world. The confrontation of the Declaration results may after some time make possible to see emerging of new problems and to make next evaluation of a general world wide character.In this way the systematic analyzing of world wide situations and trends in planning and architecture might become a continues process in the UAI strenghtening its opinions and influence in the broad field of transformation of our human environment.

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