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Tuesday, 03 February 2015 21:02
Arc peace Ibero America  Founding Charter

Arc peace Ibero America Founding Charter

Arc peace Ibero America

Founding Charter


The undersigned, in total ability to act publicly, and in order to participate in activities for the common good, giving up profit from any of them, decide voluntarily and consensually to found this organization to operate internationally in Spanish and Portuguese languages, allowing its publications to be translated into different languages.

The aim of this organization is to promote and develop awareness on anthropocentric and bio-centric social responsibility through a consensual manner. Actions related to the areas of arts, academia, science, philosophy, politics, technology and trade relations will be arranged through planning that addresses common interests.

The spirit of cooperation that exalts the individual as being worthy of respect and understanding, in accordance with their culture of origin and rules of behavior are encouraged. The Declaration of Human Rights adopted by all member states of the United Nations will be used as a reference.


a. Conflict Resolution. To support the resolution of conflicts by peaceful means; to work for the conversion of war budgets in budgets for the education, health and development of peoples, influencing on decision making levels to reduce investment in the arms industry.

b. Environmental conservation. To suggest a harmonious relationship between habitat of man and the environment, in order to use our resources, knowledge and human skills, for the conservation of the natural environment; trying that actions of individuals and industries generate low environmental impact and high social impact.

c. Inclusive policies and strategies development.To engage in works that enrich the quality of life of the community, on the basis of design policies and strategies that are practicable and friendly at promoting disaster risk management, human security and respect for civil rights.

d. Construction. To promote man-built habitat strategies which use techniques and methods for the benefit of disadvantaged peoples; cooperating with them in building their homes and public areas for improving both privately and socially their standard of living.

f. Education. To generate strategies linking the goals and actions of the organization with academic higher education levels, by inserting curricular methodological tools that foster social interaction in order to improve the residents' quality of life for.


a. The organization shall operate under the name ARC PEACE Ibero America as a network via internet from where each member lives, meeting in this way on previously agreed dates and agenda. The group first task is the development of its Statutes taking as a guide ARC•PEACE International ones, in reference to its Mission, Vision and Institutional aims. These guidelines will help all chapters develop activities fully respecting both native culture and background.

b. Once registered ARC PEACE Ibero America will apply for partnering with ARC • PEACE International global network, integrating its Board and developing joint programs, as do Latin American NGOs already integrated from Cuba, Peru and Mexico, with its own activities and respecting their local and regional constitutive legal regulations.

c. Each member of ARC PEACE Ibero America is free to contribute ideas, initiatives and concrete actions from his/her location and global coordination may operate in rotation from different chapters. Inclusive plans, projects and programs will be developed always in harmony with the institutional mission and vision and within a framework of solidarity with the neediest communities.

d. ARC PEACE Ibero America starts its own Facebook page to become familiar with its operation and for inviting others to join as co-founders of ARC PEACE Ibero America.

e. ARC PEACE Ibero America starts its own Facebook page to become familiar with its operation and for inviting others to join as co-founders of ARC PEACE Ibero America.

f. The resources for the operation of ARC PEACE Ibero America will be generated by its members through membership fees, donations, grants and fundraising events, as regulated by the statutes.

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